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Workshop on Islamic Finance and Fintech in KICT

Recently, the Institute of International Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF) and Computer Science department, ICT Faculty (DCS/KICT) arranged a workshop on Islamic Banking and Fintech. I am one of the speakers, particularly in tech part of the fin. Somehow, I tried my best to relate the fintech with Islamic finance. Its interesting when we bring together people from different skills, expertise and knowledge. The outcome is meaningful, insightful and new.

There were 4 parts of the workshop. Dr. Buerhan Saiti gave a talk regarding Islamic Banking Product and Services where he talked about loans and financing issues and comparisons to traditional banking services. What seems to be interesting here is that some of the processes in Islamic finance seems pretty simple and straight forward and I can see how a little thought may make it possible to change it into a digital system ie. fintech or rather islamic fintech (ifintech).

Prof. Dr. Engku Rabiah Adawiah Engku Ali presented stuff regarding Regulatory Frameworks Islamic Finance and Banking, where she talked about regulatory frameworks, policies and guidelines that may impede the progress of fintech.

Dr. Razi from KICT talked about emerging technologies, bitcoin and how the ecommerce is changing.

Finally, I presented in Fintech where I introduced bitcoin and how it works. The blockchain and how smart contract works. You can find the presentation on slideshare.

One of the concerns from most people in the workshop is security. Below are some links talking about security.

A few discussions are made here.... https://99bitcoins.com/51-attack-simplified-bitcoin-tutorial/ https://cryptocurrencymadesimple.com/bitcoin-vulnerabilities/

and notably for motivation of attacks can be found below. https://cryptocurrencymadesimple.com/attacks-bitcoin/

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