5:59 AM

LEMP on a Stretch

For those of you who are familiar with LAMP architecture might at one point want to try a different web server besides the Apache web server. LEMP architecture is actually LAMP but instead of using Apache web server, uses nginx. Some argues that the performance is actually better using nginx. Furthermore, with PHP 7, it can dramatically give you better performance on your web applications.

It is said PHP 7 is a complete redesign of the PHP5 and provides far better performances in that it has better support for OO and better behaving threads. PHP7 isn't really supported by default in most linux distributions for now, however in debian 9 Stretch, it comes by default.

You can follow the same methods I follow written by a fellow debian expert1 to install LEMP on your machine if you are running Debian 9. Happy tinkering.

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