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What Do You Need To Read To Know About Blockchain?

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Its hard to keep up with new technology. Especially emerging technologies where there are a lot of new concepts to learn. For example, where do you start with FinTech. A search will revolve around the idea of using Blockchain. But what is Blockchain?

Blockchain by itself relies on cryptocurrencies, concensus algoritms, peer to peer networks, mining protocols, smart contracts integration and a whole lot of other jargons. But what is all these terms are all about? How do you find out more? If you blindly google, its hard to sift through what's good and nonsense.

So I decided to maybe go more conservative and pick up a book. I've read books and papers before on Blockchain but I still feel there is much more to learn. I found a nice selection of books to read about blockchain by Derin Cag 1. Interesting enough, although some of the books and papers I can cross out from my list, I at least now know which one I should start hunting and reading next. If you are like me and am interested in knowing more about blockchain, you can follow Derin Cag's advise on which 20 to read first. Happy ReadChain....;)

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