5:58 AM

Pernec & PNB IoT research exploration

A few days back, Pernec and PNB comes to visit KICT. Pernec team lead by Pernec's CEO ... and PNB team lead by CTO ... came to our small and humble IoT research lab. One of the purpose of this meeting is to nurture industry and university research collaboration as well as trying to initiate research with commercialization in mind.

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1:46 AM

IoT at home? Should you be concerned?


Image Source: intel.com

The world is pushing into automation which relies on devices we conveniently call IoT (Internet of Things). IoT allows automation to exist in residential homes, buildings and factories (realizing Manufacturing 4.0). But how ready are we to move into a science fiction like city. Where everything is and can be controlled remotely via the Internet. The keyword here is everything...$$$. And hence, since everything is a lot of things (EiaLoT), IT and Tech companies are racing to come up with IoT devices and infrastructure supporting its use to market to consumers. Companies like Intel1, ARM2, Samsung3 and Cisco4, and many more are either producing consumer products or supplying new types of processors, sensors and actuators supporting the development of new applications in IoT. The growth for IoT market have since doubled since 2015. Along with it, comes a growing concern for security. Am I worried that a hacker can lock me in or out of my house? Cause havoc in my home? Playing that funky music at 3am in the morning?

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